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Products > Cutter Tool Saw Blades > > HSS slitting saw blade incision cutter
Product name : HSS slitting saw blade incision cutter
Product No. : 201893193418
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 SLITTING SAWS are recommended for slotting the fragile and  hard materials. The teeth form A is suitable especially on the thin saw blades with tooth pitch from 0,8 mm to 3,0 mm. The cutting edge is very sharp.  Slitting saw in both high speed and super high speed steels suitable for milling, and grooving steels and alloys on manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic machine.

More about saw blades:

Circular saw blades made in high speed steel with fixed or variable toothings, useful on slow cutting off machines, automatic sawing machines for steel tubes, solids and profiles cutting. Possibility of heat coating on all produced saw blades (tin, ticn, tialn), according to material to be worked.

HSS circular saw blade has very high performance for cutting carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, mild steel, cast steel, cast iron, copper, bronze, brass, aluminum etc.

Please check some sizes information as follows,
HSS/ HSS-E DMo5 circular saw blade  M2 M35 DIN 1.3343 DIN 1.3243
Dia*thickness Hole:From 5mm-32mm-40mm-50mm etc          
20x0.2-3 25x0.2-6 32x0.2-6        
40x0.2-0.8 75x6.5-7 125x0.8-1.2        
40x1-1.5 75x7.5-8.5 125x1.5        
40x2 80x0.5-0.8 125x2        
40x2.5-3 80x1-1.2 125x2.5-3        
40x3.5-4 80x1.5 125x3.5-4        
40x4.5-5 80x2 125x5        
50x0.5-0.8 80x2.5-3 125x5.5-6        
50x1-1.5 80x3.5-4 150x1-1.2        
50x2 80x4.5-5 150x1.5        
60x0.3-0.4 80x5.5-6 150x2        
60x0.5-0.8 80x6.5-7 150x2.5-3        
60x1-1.2 80x8 150x3.5-4        
60x1.5 100x0.5-0.8 150x4.5-5        
60x2 100x1-1.2 150x5.5-6        
60x2.5-3 100x1.5 150x6.5-7        
60x3.5-4 100x2 150x7.5-8.5        
60x4.5-5 100x2.5-3 160x1-1.2        
63x0.5-0.8 100x3.5-4 160x1.5        
63x1-1.2 100x4.5-5 160x2        
63x1.5 100x5.5-6 160x2.5-3        
63x2 100x7 160x3.5-4        
63x3 100x8 160x4.5-5        
75x0.5 110x0.8-1.2 160x5.5-6        
75x0.6-0.8 110x1.5 200x1.5        
75x1-1.2 110x2 200x2        
75x1.5 110x2.5-3 200x2.5-3        
75x2 110x3.5-4 200x3.5-4        
75x2.5-3 110x4.5-5 200x4.5-5        
75x3.5-4 110x5.5-6 200x5.5-6        
75x4.5-5 110x7 200x6.5-7        
75x5.5-6 110x8 200x7.5-8.5        
225x2 250*1.0-2.5 275x1.0-2.5        
300x1.2-3.0 315x2.0-3.0 325x2.0-2.5        
350x2.0-3.0 370x2.5 400x2.0-3.0        
425x3.0 450x3.0 500x3.0-4.0        

How to choose teeth?
HSS Dmo5 Circular Saw Blade TOOTH Standard 

TEETH [B]: For cutting very thin tubes, which is not necessary to break the chips, so it is suitable for such application.

TEETH [BW]: Be alternatively bevelled, It is most suitable for cutting light gauge steel and sections.

TEETH[C]: Also named HZ, which is most suitable for solid and thick-wall tube cutting. The roughing teeth is bevelled on both sides.

TEETH[BS]: Which is most effective for cutting tube and profile, particularly with PVD Coated blade, it minimises burr formation even at high cutting rates

TEETH[A]: Designed for machine work; Such as slotting, with thin saw blade

TEETH [AW]: Designed for machine work; Such as slotting, with thin saw blade.

Warm reminder:
The right saw blade is a key part of a successful woodworking
or metalworking project. Learn how to find the best circular saw blade for your work.

Different types of circular saw blades are designed to cut different materials and work with different power saws. Make sure the blade you choose is suitable for the material you need to cut. You also need to make sure it fits your saw. There are several specifications

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